The importance of team building activities to boost employee’s productivity

Over the years various business leaders and psychologist have worked out a series of activities in an effort to keep employees and staff inspired and motivated. Their goal was to keep the employer’s turnover lower and increase their productivity. Though a lot of these methods have failed and in somewhere found success, but cannot be seen as full proof method to achieve the trust and loyalty of employees. Recently there has emerge a concept of team building and employee engagement which is gradually finding its spotlight for achieving employees trust , boost productivity and improve retention.

What team building can achieve

Though the size and culture of a firm determines the outcome but generally these are a few goals that corporate team building activities can achieve for you:

  • The morale of employees improves in team exercises as spotlight on one particular star performer shifts towards the entire team and hence the entire team earns the praise they deserve. This reduces the stress on one star performer and morale of the whole team improves.
  • Team activities helps improve communication as it creates a sense of belonging in the firm, which results in open communication between co- workers and staff members.
  • These activities help to create a sense of loyalty in employees as it aids to see the upper management as their colleagues rather than a superior authority.
  • Team building helps to form better problem solving skills between the employees. Every company faces issues minor or major, sometimes it’s a full blown crises, but with team building activities employees can form their own strategies and plans to counter a problem rather than waiting for the boss to dictate them a possible solution. This will help immensely in preventing a small problem to become a major one.
  • Team building exercises and events improve creativity. Discussing possible solutions and sharing ideas all help in boosting creativity and hence a firm benefits from it.

You can also throw a team building event which highly motivates the employees and helps them to be inspired. There are lot of event management companies in Dubai which offers numerous events ideas or just cater to your desired needs and requirements. But forming a team building network can do wonders for you and help you to better understand your employees and staff for optimum productivity.

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Reasons for you to charter a yacht

Are you taking a break from work and wish to head out on a vacation? To be honest, there are countless options for you to choose from. From going to beaches, to trying out island hopping and even scuba diving – you can do it all. But, if you are interested in all of these activities at the same time, then it is best for you to opt for a yacht charter instead. Here’s a look into the different reasons why you should consider hiring a yacht:

It’s affordable

Yacht charters are not just flexible, but affordable and cost-efficient too. This particularly holds true in cases where you have to travel in a large group. A majority of people these days think that yachts are only meant for rich and famous people. But the fact of the matter is that there are countless options available these days that are rather affordable including several yacht rental Dubai deals. Even if you are on a budget, you are sure to find a yacht rental service that will be able to cater to you.

You can choose your own destinations

The best part about yacht rentals is that you can sail wherever you want to and dock there for however long you are interested in. As long as you remain within the cruising area allotted by the company, there are no restrictions on the destinations you can go to. Once at your destination, you can have all the fun you want on your yacht and basically just relax.

Several options for you to choose from

When it comes to choosing a yacht, there are countless options for you to choose from. For instance, there are high performing motor yachts, classic sailing yachts, modern yachts and even skippered or bareboat ones. As long as you have the necessary information at hand, getting the right yacht charter that suits your budget and taste will not be too hard for you. Also, there is the opportunity for you to hire a skipper as well who will provide you with all the instructions and details required all through your trip.

You can even learn to sail

If you have no knowledge whatsoever of sailing, then you should definitely consider to rent yacht in Dubai right away. This is because the skipper of your yacht is going to help you learn a lot about sailing and that will turn your trip into one focused on learning as well.

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Make Your Wedding Day More Special by Holding it on the Beach

Have you ever thought of having a beach wedding? Believe it or not, you can actually make your big day a whole lot more special by opting to hold your wedding on the beach! Beaches, if you want to hear the truth, are a wonderful place to hold your wedding, thereby giving you memories that you are forever going to cherish. But, even though beach weddings are a whole lot of fun, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration to make sure that your wedding is a hit. A few of these are:


Opt for a secluded beach
Seriously speaking, every single beach across the world is a public beach, and well, it just isn’t possible for you to ask the people to leave just so you can get married with all those beautiful wedding stage decorations in Dubai set up. For this reason, it is actually recommended for you to choose a beach that is lesser-known and more on the secluded end. This is actually going to help you attain a whole lot more privacy for your wedding ceremony. There are a number of secluded beaches in different cities around the world, including Dubai, are outright beautiful and present the perfect setting for a wedding. If you are finding it hard to choose a location for your wedding, you could actually take on the services of a professional wedding planner.

Work out the transportation that you would use
Secluded beaches don’t really have substantially sized parking spaces. This is obviously going to cause a bit of a problem if you plan on inviting many guests. What you can do is basically take on a trolley or a shutter so that you, as well as your guess can be transported to and from the event. This way, there wouldn’t be a thing for you to worry about in terms of transportation.

What time of the year will you be holding the wedding?
It is necessary for you to also decide on the time of the year that you would be holding your wedding. A wedding beach is best held between October, November, December, and April, May, June across the world. The weather is just about perfect, and there aren’t many people around for you to worry about. January and March are however the worst times of year to hold a wedding in most parts of the world.

With all of these considerations in mind, you are sure to have a blast on your wedding day! For more information, feel free to visit right away.

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Tips on Finding an Apartment for Rent in Dubai

Most people find it really hard to look for an apartment for rent. This particularly holds true in cases where they are moving to a new city. Not only should the rented apartment be located in your preferred area, it should also fulfil your budgetary requirements. However, the good news is that there are multiple sources through which you can find an apartment. But even with that, it is extremely important for you to follow a few steps and take certain elements into consideration. A few of these are:


What’s your budget?

Before anything else, it is highly recommended for you to work out the budget that you have. What this means is that you need to figure out how much you are willing to spend for your 1 bedroom apartment for rent in business bay. The fact of the matter is that it will not be possible at all for you to enjoy a place if it is out of your budget completely, no matter how amazing it is. For this reason, work on your budgetary limits so you know how much you can afford to spend on a monthly basis.


Check out online rental listings

There are countless online rental listing sites that make it possible for interested individuals to look for apartments on rent. The best part about these sites is that these have amazing search engine features that can help you narrow down your search and look for the perfect house for yourself on rent. Most importantly, you will be able to look for homes in your preferred location while ensuring that you do not surpass your budget. Apart from that, these sites allow you to get in touch with the posters for free. Once that is done, you can set up an appointment and check out the apartment if you like everything.


Get in touch with a rental agent if nothing else works

If you are finding it hard to look up an apartment of your choice on a website, then it is highly recommended for you to get in touch with a rental agent right away. These are professionals who have first-hand knowledge of which property management companies in dubai are available and vacant. With their knowledge, it will be easier for you to look up apartments and move in to one right away. However, bear in mind that you will need to pay the rental agent too, so make allotments for his fee as well when working our your budget.

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Giving Out Business Cards: When And Where?

You have just received the new batch of business cards you had printed in a reputable printing company in Dubai. They are crisp and sturdy. The texture of the material feels expensive and professional. The layout is sleek, showing all the important information about you and your business. And the design is magnificent – unique enough to be recognized, but not too adventurous to be tacky. For you, they are perfect.

Now what? How do you make the most of having such beautiful business cards to push your services, your business, or your brand? Simply put, how do you effectively get them out there and into the hands of the right people?

In this article, I am going to share to you some of best times and places to give out your business cards.

  1. One-On-One Meetings And Social Events

Every one-on-one meeting and social event, work-related or not, is a good chance to give out your business card. Whether you are getting to know someone you have just met, or are reconnecting and bonding with a certain social circle, you can always make the most of the engagement by extending and expanding your network by giving out your business cards.

  1. Conventions And Trade Shows

These are the perfect venue for giving out business cards. These events attract large sizes of crowds. And everyone is in full-on networking mode. Exhibitors and sellers are there to push their products and brands, also hoping to do some networking. They would be giving you their business cards, and you should make use of that opportunity to also give them yours.

  1. Non-competing Businesses

It may be a roadside café, a massage parlour, or a bookstore – if it is a business that does not (directly) compete with yours, then it can be a great venue to give out your business cards. Some establishments will even allow you to leave a few of your cards on their counter or bulletin board, free for their clients to see and take. Just make sure to ask for their card too, to reciprocate the favor.

  1. Complementary Businesses

Businesses that complement yours, or are simply, one way or another, related to yours, are great venues to give out your cards. For example, if you are a professional handyman, you can leave some cards on hardware stores. You are already sure that their clients have a great chance of being interested in your business too; why not maximize that?

For more information on how to have the best business cards in Dubai, just visit the linked site.

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4 Answers to the Question ‘Why Do We Need Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping is becoming a trend in the corporate zone. Some companies who haven’t tried it are wondering ‘why do we need commercial landscaping?’ ‘Why do our competitors avail them?’ If your company is one of such, the four sentences below can answer these widely asked questions.


  1. It gives your brand an eco-friendly image.

Not all companies care for the environment. If your company takes part in caring for the environment through adding plants and flowers within the vicinity of your office/s, you would attract organizations, potential business partners and people who have the same advocacy. This also helps build a positive image on the company. Availing commercial landscaping services from a landscaping company in Dubai is the best way to start a corporate eco-friendly movement.


  1. It helps increase the productivity level of employees.

Several studies say that when people are exposed to plants and flowers, they work more efficiently. Commercial landscaping helps create a peaceful and healthy environment for employees. The natural elements also help reduce stress at work because they promote a light and positive setting. When employees are in good shape and good state of mind, there is a big chance that they would also satisfy clients.


  1. It makes your office or headquarters look more appealing.

A beautifully landscaped set of grass, plants, flowers, rocks and other natural pieces in or outside an office helps attract clients and even applicants (who are in search for jobs). Companies who have good landscapes can confidently tour people around their place. They often receive positive feedback from people inside and outside the corporation for having good taste in design. Some corporate headquarters even become tourist spots because of amazing landscapes.


  1. It helps increase the property’s market value.

This fact is ultimately beneficial for real estate businesses. Since they build and sell properties, they can opt for a higher sale value because of the good landscapes. Rental companies could also benefit on commercial landscaping by having high tenant retention rate. When tenants are comfortable on the place, they tend to stay longer. On the other hand, corporations that regularly avail landscaping maintenance services can sell the property for a good amount in the future in case they would like to move into a new office.

If these answers have convinced you to avail commercial landscaping services, visit the website of On Time Facilities Management company in Dubai. They can solve complicated landscape maintenance issues such as damaged gardens due to a severe climatic condition.

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4 Valid Reasons to Buy Authentic Spare Parts for Your Car

Are you the type of person who has a lot of acquaintances but only trusts a handful of close friends? Do you exert much effort when going into a romantic relationship? When it comes to emotional investments, do you hold back and not risk anything or give it your all once you’ve come to love a person? Why do you spend so much time and effort with somebody in the first place?


As in emotional investments, your willingness to invest in material possessions tells a lot about your character. If you want to get the most of your hard-earned money, why not buy only healthy, organic food from the grocery store, right? If you’re a bit stingy on food yet prioritize large investments like your house, car, or piece of land, perhaps this shows how much you indulge in life’s pleasures and comfort.


In relation, if you bought a luxury car, or even a brand new 4×4 for your long drives, this shows how much you value traveling in maximum comfort, style, and convenience. However, what happens when your engine doesn’t start or your brakes start to malfunction? Will you replace those crucial car parts with their cheaper versions?


To continue enjoying the luxury of driving your own sports car, here are the four good reasons you should buy genuine spare parts.


Higher Quality

If your expensive smartphone dies out on you, you will bring it to authorized resellers for checkup and fixing. The same goes for your beloved car. You’ll bring it to a trusted mechanic, the same one who offers genuine parts for your Porsche or Ferrari or Mercedes Benz. This ensures quality and keeps you safe on the road. Buying fake can put you in danger; after all, those generic engine parts may not withstand the power of your luxury vehicle’s engine. It’s still safer and more reasonable to buy genuine parts.


Better Performance

A vehicle’s performance also depends on the quality of all its parts. A car may essentially be a machine for getting you from Point A to B, yet it’s a well-running machine because of all the little parts with their little purposes that all add up to that one car’s purpose. If you buy genuine car parts, it’s much like driving a brand new one with better performance on the road.



Getting the right Mercedes Benz genuine parts for your valuable coupe also allows your car to run longer, too. It will perform better for longer so you can enjoy those long drives to the neighboring cities or even in nearby countries if you plan to.


Great Value for Money

Surefire parts quality brings better vehicle performance, allowing you to drive longer, and thus giving you back your money’s worth in every drive. Check our website and learn more about how buying authentic spare parts save your time, money, and resources.

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Benefits of tinting home windows

Window tinting films have long been used across the world on office windows and cars. However, with their benefits being so obvious, people have now started using them at homes too. The best part about window tinting is that it guarantees complete privacy while offering excellent visibility from the inside. With that, here’s a look in to the countless benefits that it has to offer:


The interiors of your home will remain protected


The worst thing about un-tinted windows is that it exposes your furniture, drapes and carpets to direct sunlight. With the passage of time, this direct exposure makes them fade away. By applying a home window tint, it will be easily possible for you to preserve the overall beauty and colour of your homes’ interiors. Most importantly, it will offer adequate protection to your electronics as well.


It will help deflect UV sun rays

This is definitely one of the most important reasons why you should consider getting your home windows tinted. The fact of the matter is that excessive exposure to direct UV light can affect your health rather detrimentally and lead to skin dryness, premature aging, itching and increased chances of contracting skin cancer. With window tints, you can save yourself against nearly 99% of all harmful UV rays.


Better privacy

At home, you should have nothing to worry about in terms of your privacy. This is something you can easily ensure with the help of window tinting. When you have tinted windows, people will not be able to see the inside of your home. However, it will be easily possible for you to see outside during the day. You have the ability to choose between ordinary and highly reflective tints, but at night, it is highly recommended for you to ensure that your blinds and drapes are closed.


Enhanced interiors

Apart from its basic functionality, window tints can work wonders in terms of helping you make your home look so much more beautiful and attractive. The best part is that this is easily possible without you ever having to worry about compromising the overall function of the windows. As long as you choose window tints that go well with the overall colour theme of your home, you can rest-assured that these will enhance the appearance of your home significantly. For more information in this regard and to get the best window tints for your home, please visit

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Tips on finding the right fit when buying plus size clothing for women

When buying plus size clothing, it is necessary for you to make sure that it is the right fit so that it looks as good as it can on you. The fact of the matter is that no matter how trendy a dress you buy, it will not look good on you if it doesn’t fit well. If your clothing does not fit you properly, there is a good chance that you will end up having to pull and tug at it all day long. All through the day, you would want to just head back home to change your clothes and fit into something comfortable. Instead of worrying about your size, just make sure that your clothes are the perfect fit and you are bound to look amazing!


Ordering clothes online

If you are interested in ordering plus size clothing online, you will have to check things out with a size chart. If possible, it is best for you to get a friend of yours to help out and measure you around the waist, bust, hips and inseam. With access to a size chart, you can easily use these measurements to find the right size for yourself. Just in case you find yourself being in between different sizes, it is best that you opt for the larger size just so you can be sure that it will definitely fit you. Although you are given the option to return any items that do not fit, doing so can turn into a true nuisance in most cases.


Purchasing at a store

Purchasing plus size clothing for women is much easier at a store. However, to ensure that it fits right, it is best for you to step into the fitting room. When doing so, you shouldn’t just try the dress once and pull it off. Instead, sit down, move around and step out in to the store’s light to see how it really looks and fits on your body. If you have a salesperson that you trust, get their opinion on how good you look in the dress.

When shopping for dresses for plus size women, make sure that you experiment with different cuts and styles. This is going to go a long way in terms of helping you figure out what looks best on your individual body shape and size. Don’t rush into a purchase – take your time and only choose what looks the best on you!

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4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love to Stay at Home

Appreciation goes a long way in any relationship. If you know your contributions at work are valued, you will perform better and even try to work on more projects and take on more responsibilities. If your family and friends gave you something you like and you said, ‘thank you,’ they will feel that their efforts were appreciated and worth it.


However, there are different ways to please a person and to appreciate their presence in your life. You probably have friends who are the life of every office party. On the other hand, you have those reserved, quiet friends who prefer at home. While it’s often obvious to figure out what your extroverted friends like, it’s sometimes a challenge to know what your introverted homebody friends would like to get from you.


If such homebody friends are celebrating their birthday soon, or for some reason you just want to let them know that you appreciate their friendship, here are four thoughtful ideas to make them feel loved.


Art Materials

Is your friend into arts? Does he or she paint, sculpt, draw, or maybe even dance alone in their room (and they just happened to let that information slip once)? Perhaps you can give them an easel, palette, and acrylic set for their painting. Throw in a few blank canvasses and tell them to give you one of their paintings when he or she becomes famous. While art materials can be expensive, you can also look for discounted items online. Have your art materials package delivered straight to their home and they’ll tell you how surprised they were because of your gift.


Indoor Plants

If you have a friend who has nasal allergies, weak lungs, or are maybe complaining about how they would love to have cleaner air at home, perhaps it’s time to give them some of your favorite indoor plants. They love to stay at home, after all, and yet they are slowly becoming weak from unhealthy air. Be the kind of friend you’d be proud to have and give them some pots of succulents, air plants, and maybe even a few kitchen herbs to freshen up the air in their home. You can buy grass heads for sale online. These eco-friendly, low-maintenance toys grow real grass that your friend can trim and even play with after three weeks or so.


Books or Films

Does your friend love watching films or reading books? Let them know you love them and watch movies with them at home. If you can’t make the time to purchase a copy of your friend’s favorite book or movie, you stream TV series and movies online for a faster and more convenient socialization time.


Cooking or Baking Supplies

Is your friend an avid kitchen dweller? Look for their most coveted cooking tools and buy gifts online Dubai colleagues recommend. Be it a silicone spatula, a non-stick pan, or a cute salt-and-pepper set, you can find those cooking items on the internet. You can also buy baking supplies for your friend so he or she can teach you how to bake that moist cupcakes you love.


Plan their next birthday gift with these items now!

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Enjoy a Dhow cruise dinner with your loved one in Dubai

In the past couple of years, Dubai has gained immense popularity for its dhow dinner cruises. Located along the creek, these dinners guarantee a spectacular view, unending romance and excellent food all at the same time. Although a dhow dinner cruise can be enjoyed in any part of the world, the fact is that your trip to Dubai will be incomplete without it.


What exactly is a dhow?

For those who don’t know, a dhow is basically a wooden sailing vessel that came into being in the Middle East. These were basically used in order to transport heavy goods into the Emirates from Pakistan, East Africa, India and the Arabian Peninsula. The earliest dhows are known to have been made using shells, but these are now found in many different shapes and sizes.


What can I enjoy in a dhow dinner cruise?

Heading out to enjoy dhow cruise dinner offers is perhaps one of the most romantic means of checking out the true beauty of Dubai. It is a major attraction for tourists as it offers a fantastic view of Dubai, allowing tourists to check out its beautiful architecture. During the cruise, you will get to witness several different landmarks, out of which one of the most famous is that of the house of the late Sheikh Zayed.


While you are enjoying the cruise, you will be served delicious meals consisting of both Arabic and international cuisines. It may even be served as a buffet dinner together with Arabic music. After the dinner, you will get to enjoy traditional Arabic coffee as well. For the record, the cruise is known to set sail between 8:30pm and 10:30pm, but you may need to make advanced bookings for it.


Booking a dhow cruise dinner in Dubai

It is extremely easy for tourists to book a dhow cruise dinner in Dubai. There are countless cruise boat operators out there and some of them can even be found along the creek. All you need to do is get in touch with one and make an advance booking online. If you want, feel free to check our site and we will help you enjoy the best dhow dinner cruise possible.


For those visiting Dubai for the first time, make sure that you get yourself booked for a dhow dinner cruise. Rest-assured that it will be an experience of a life time as you will get to witness some of the most beautiful sights possible while enjoying delicious cuisine.

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Will breast augmentation soon be a thing of the past?

Half a century ago, breast augmentation with the use of silicone had been introduced as a generally safe procedure for the public. With all the news reporting about a number of failed or defective breast implants, the negative opinions of some individuals or sectors and moral issues thrown against this cosmetic procedure, breast enlargement has remained the most popular cosmetic procedure across the world.

Through the years, women primarily subjected themselves to the procedure for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons.  In some, breast augmentation Dubai was done for reconstructive purposes, particularly after undergoing mastectomy which is commonly done to address issues of breast cancer or malignant tumors.  To a minority, the procedure was performed on males or transsexuals who wanted to experience such female endowments.

The rising popularity of breast enhancement

Nowadays, women are willing to go through the surgical cosmetic procedure for a number of perceived benefits which would range from making themselves look younger and healthier to maintaining or boosting self-confidence, as well as, self-esteem. These days, breast implants are not only used to enlarge the breast size, a common reason for undergoing the procedure by younger women who either feel that their breasts are small or who desire to have a more voluptuous or curvaceous body.  Breast implants have also gained popularity amongst middle aged women who experience breast tissue loss with aging, resulting in sagging of the breasts.  In such a case, breast implants are used to improve the texture and firmness of their breast.

Going back to the first question, will breast augmentation soon become a thing of the past?  To date, over 10 million women worldwide are estimated to have undergone breast enlargement and the numbers just keep on growing. Moreover, the value and uses of breast augmentation in the expanding urbanized society is also strengthening. In a world filled with fashion and celebrity magazines, we have now come to a point wherein breast augmentation performed at an aesthetic clinic in Dubai is accepted as a woman’s choice within social norms.  A wide array of medical studies on breast implant (breast implants being the most studied medical device) also contributed to the population’s confidence. The popularity of breast implants which stemmed from cultural and gender perceptions would not also be that easy to change.  It would indeed really take some time and a cultural, as well as, gender revolution and transformation to impress on both men and women that a women’s breasts are not important to her femininity and beauty.

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Disorders of The Nervous System: Diagnosis and Treatment

A neurologist is a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of diseases/disorders of the nervous system. There are two main parts of the nervous system: central (contains the brain and spinal cord) and peripheral (consists mainly of nerves). Diseases/disorders involving the nervous system are requiring a neurologist’s management and treatment. Below are some of those diseases/disorders:

Lumbar Puncture

A.K.A. Spinal Tap, Lumbar Puncture is one of the neurological procedures performed by collecting and examining the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and the brain. During the procedure, a neurologist inserts a needle into the spinal canal in the lumbar area. The purpose is to collect the fluid called CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). If there is an infection, inflammation, cancer, or any other disease in the central nervous system, Lumbar Puncture is used to find the causes.


Abbreviated as EMG, Electromyography is one of the techniques neurologists use in evaluating and recording our muscles’ electrical activities. EMG is a test measuring how well and fast the patient’s nerves are in sending electric signals. During the test, the instrument called electromyograph is producing a record called electromyogram. Once the neurologist got the accurate measurement of the patient’s nerve and muscle activities, he/she can diagnose some disorders like muscular dystrophy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Tensilon Test

For those who do not know, Tensilon is one of the trade names of Edrophonium Chloride. Tensilons block the actions of acetylcholinesterase, which is an essential neurotransmitter helping to prolong muscle stimulation. If the patient increases his/her muscle strength while the Tensilon Test in being performed by the neurologist, the patient may be diagnosed of myasthenia gravis or any other similar neurological disorder.


Just like Electromyography, Electroencephalogram or EEG is performed to measure and record electrical activities. EMG focuses on the muscles while EEG focuses on the brain. During the procedure, a neurologist attaches some electrical sensors to the patient’s head; these sensors have wires connected to a computer. The computer’s function is to record the electrical activities of the patient’s brain.

Sleep Study

A.K.A. Polysomnogram or PSG, Sleep Study is a test performed by a neurologist to patients with chronic sleep disorder. During the test, the neurologist electronically records and monitors the patient’s physiological data during his/her sleep. A Sleep Laboratory is used in performing a Sleep Study.

Aside from Lumbar Puncture, Electromyography, Tensilon Test, Electroencephalogram, and Sleep Study; there are many other tests and procedures neurologists perform to diagnose and treat disorders of the nervous system. If you are looking for a neurologist in Dubai, just click the link. You can rely on the best hospital in Dubai for all you neurological needs.

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7 Designs You’d Want to Try for Your Custom Bed Project

Your bedroom is one of the places in your home where you spend the most time. It is a place of solace, refuge, and privacy. Simply put, it is your ultimate personal space. Now, if you want to further stamp it as your own, one of the ways you can do so is by opting for a custom bed.

The bed is usually the focal point of any bedroom, as it takes most of the space and it is the key element of your bedroom.  Customising your bed can do wonders to the interior design of your bedroom. Plus, you can be sure it fits your specific design and function requirements.

If you need ideas for a custom bed, we have done the research for you and compiled the top seven custom bed designs that will surely amaze anyone.

  • Canopied beds – A canopy bed is a timeless bed design. It alludes to a high form of sophistication and comfort. With the right drapes or curtains to cover your bed, you can be sure to create a tasteful and opulent custom bed.
  • Bunk beds – Bunk beds are ideal for children’s bedrooms, especially if you want to save up on floor space. There are numerous bunk bed design ideas online, such as those with ladders and built-in cabinets and study tables. Some even have an attached slide or play area, which guarantees your kids will not want to leave their bedroom! And they friends might even come over to stay for the night.
  • Beds with bookshelves – If you are a bookworm, perhaps a custom bed integrated with built-in cabinets is the best option for you. This allows you to have your favourite books within your easy reach, while giving you enough space for more! It also helps you keep your books and other stuff organised and easy to find.
  • Pull-out beds – Do you often have friends coming over? A custom pull-out bed might work best for you. It gives you the extra space to accommodate a guest, without taking more of your available floor space in your room.
  • Beds with pull-out cabinets – If you need extra storage space but you no longer have enough space in your bedroom, why not turn to your bed for a solution? You can customise your bed and add a pull-out cabinet underneath it. It is the best place to store your spare bed sheets and duvets, or any stuff you rarely use but still need.
  • Irregularly-shaped beds – A bed shaped like a shell, a heart, or a circle absolutely grabs attention. If you want to make your bed the most noticeable asset of your bedroom, then this will surely do the trick! You can take it a notch higher by picking vividly coloured bed sheets, linens, and pillow cases. Just imagine a heart-shaped bed encased in striking red sheets!

Hanging beds – A hanging or swinging bed is another way to create a distinctively designed bedroom. If you have the available space and you want to try something extraordinary, why not have a hanging bed installed in your bedroom? It can also work in outdoor areas to enhance the feeling of comfort and rest. Want more ideas? Go to this website and check out their luxury custom bed collection.

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Floor and house cleaning services and how they can help you

All of us worry about the tidiness and cleanliness of our homes every single day. The fact of the matter is that no matter how hard we try, the cleanliness around our homes and offices can never actually be a hundred percent. There will always be something or the other that gets overlooked when you’re cleaning up. This particularly holds true when you’re cleaning the floor. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to take on the services offered by professionals who can come in and help you with floor cleaning Dubai. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best services around:
They should offer various cleaning options

To clean your floors, you will obviously have to hire home cleaning services. If anything, it is best for you to look for one that offers multiple services. In the long run, there may be a need for you to hire them on a monthly basis. So in case you have other cleaning needs that might come up in the long run, it is highly recommended to stay to a service provider that has the potential to cover them all. No matter what it is that you need cleared out, be it just the floors or your entire house, the company should have what it takes to fulfil your needs.
Are they reliable?

This is a very important element that you need to take into consideration when hiring floor cleaning services in Dubai. Think of it this way, would you want to hire a company that does not fulfil its commitments and will not be there when you need their services? Of course not! Remember, apart from their employees having the dedication to fulfil their responsibilities promptly and efficiently, the company should also come to your place when you need them. Punctuality is a must!

How well-trained are the staff?

It is necessary for you to hire a firm that is known for its highly trained and dedicated employees. Apart from that, the company should also have advanced equipment required to deliver outstanding services. It is necessary for them to hold all the right materials required to fulfil the needs that you have mentioned. Also, make sure that the company has a good standing in the market. This will basically ensure that they will provide you with good quality services as they would not want to tarnish their reputation. If this is something you are interested in, then click here to visit website and you are sure to acquire top of the line cleaning services in Dubai.

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Is SEO a Worthwhile Digital Marketing Investment?

The latest numbers from Google are in: there are now more than 40,000 search queries being processed by the search engine giant every second. This means more than 3.5 billion searches are made every day, and a staggering 1.2 trillion worldwide searches every year.

All these numbers mean one thing – more and more people are harnessing the power, influence, and huge coverage of the internet to find things they are interested about. For businesses, this presents a valuable opportunity to get discovered by potential customers, thereby expending their brand reach and sphere of influence.

Search Engine Optimisation, or simply SEO, is the process that allows the website owners to land their website on the top results of Google’s search engine result pages. If you are thinking of incorporating this process into your digital marketing strategies, here are 4 major reasons why you should push through with your plans.


  • Increased web traffic – SEO can help businesses amplify the number of people visiting their websites on a daily basis. For example, SEO Dubai can help a business based in Dubai, UAE to pull in more web visitors who will view their products and services. As more people visit your website, your brand and business gain more recognition, and you have higher chances of converting these visitors to customers.
  • Improved online visibility – Recent surveys on consumer behaviour say 81 percent of shoppers perform an online search before getting a product or service. The survey attributes this to the developing habit of consumers to know if a certain product or service is worth their time and money. They want to be reassured that they are making a smart decision, before they finalise their decision. With an effective SEO strategy in place, you can boost the online visibility of your business and be right where your target customers are.
  • Enhanced competitiveness – In 2016, a marketing-focused study forecasted that companies will splurge a whopping 65 billion US dollars for SEO. It is projected to increase further by 2018 and 2020, with $72 billion and $79 billion, respectively.Why? Because businesses recognise the effectiveness of SEO. For your business to compete with others in your industry, you need to start investing in a sound and robust SEO strategy, starting today. You need to be on the same playing field as them, or you risk losing potential and existing customers.

Higher ROI – Another recent study credits SEO with the capability to yield significant business leads. In fact, 57 percent of business-to-business marketers attest that SEO is the biggest lead generator, in terms of digital marketing methods. So if you want to be on the receiving end of all these benefits, formulate and initiate a strategic SEO plan especially for your business. Don’t know where to start? Go to and see how these digital marketing experts can help your business expand and prosper

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Best Ways to Clean High-Maintenance Fabrics

Clothes are made from different materials and fabrics to achieve the designs intended for them. As they have different material compositions, they also require different wash and care processes to keep them in good condition. Though most clothes can be cleaned with water and detergent, it is best to find out the ideal ways to care for them, so you could avoid damaging them and ensure their quality will be retained for a long time.


Below is a compilation of the basic wash and care guides for the most common fabric types:

  • Cotton – Cotton fabrics are the easiest to care for. You can simply load cotton clothes into a washing machine, and clean them with cold or warm water, plus a detergent powder. Dry them under the sun, or hang and line them up nicely indoors. Experts say cotton is “pre-shrunk,” so damaging their natural composition is next to impossible.
  • Wool – Wool is primarily sourced from sheep. It is extremely durable, but it can shrink in warm water, so make sure to wash it in cold water and with mild detergent. You can machine-wash or hand wash it, depending on your preference. If you choose to load it into a machine, set it on Delicate or Wool as an added precaution. Shops offering laundry in Dubai Marina advise to avoid machine-drying wool, but you can always air dry it.
  • Cashmere – Cashmere is the preferred material for scarfs and sweaters as it offers superior comfort. Though it comes from the same family as wool, the two materials are barely common and so require different cleaning methods. For cashmere, the ideal cleaning method is to have it dry cleaned. Another option is to hand wash it with a gentle cleaning solution, or even a baby shampoo. Avoid ironing or machine-drying it so the fabric doesn’t get wrung out.
  • Silk – Silk is a luxurious material made from fibres produced by silkworms. It is durable but delicate, so the best way to maintain it is to have it dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water. The Silk Association of Great Britain, however, says silk clothing can also be hand washed in warm water, together with a gentle detergent. To preserve this expensive material, it is still highly recommended to take it to professional dry cleaners. Better be on the safe side, right?
  • Synthetic – Synthetic fabrics require minimal maintenance as these do not shrink, and they can withstand against water-based stains. Common synthetic fabrics – polyester, acrylic, nylon, spandex, and acetate – can be machine-washed in warm water, using an all-purpose detergent. To prevent static, add a fabric conditioner. Rayon, a semisynthetic material, can be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water, with the use of a mild detergent. It should be air dried, then ironed while still damp.

Linen – Linen is made from fibres of the flax plant. Because it easily folds, linen requires ironing or sizing, which is a type of finish that makes it stiff or crisp to add body to the material. Linen can be dry cleaned or hand washed in a mixture of cold water and mild detergent. For linen sheets, it is best to take them to professional dry cleaners as they have the equipment and facilities to handle such heavy loads. Know more about one such provider by visiting

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Newbie’s Guide to Choosing a Yacht for Rent

Sailing is an enjoyable activity whether you are the recreational type of traveller, or the daring and adventurous one. There is nothing like the feel of cool breeze blowing on your face, while you are navigating the striking blue waters of the sea, and basking in the beauty of the sky and sea meeting in the horizon.

Now, if you are new into this exciting activity, you can experience greater heights of enjoyment and maximise the experience by choosing the most appropriate sailing vessel. If you need to rent a yacht in Dubai, for example, here are some of the rental yachts you can choose from, depending on the activities you have in mind.

Catamarans – A catamaran is one of the most popular options for water activities. Their size and build make them ideal for a variety of activities, including a relaxing cruise, sports and fishing, ocean racing, exploring remote coves, and even throwing parties at sea.

Fishing Yachts – As the name implies, a fishing yacht is a marine vessel engineered and equipped to take on the ocean waves and bring you to strategic fishing locations. It packs the power and the features necessary to haul in big catches, wherever you and your party may be anchoring.

Luxury Motor Yachts – Want to have the perfect family holiday? Renting a luxury motor yacht might just be the way! These elegantly designed modern vessels provide the best marine experience for families who want to have a good time at sea. Luxury motor yachts are sumptuously furnished to provide a high level of comfort and convenience for large groups of people. These are also ideal for company outings and other recreational marine excursions.

Open Yachts – Open yachts are the most suitable vessel for people who want optimum speed and performance matched by luxurious interiors and state-of-the-art features. Its sleek design and build makes an open yacht the most preferred vessel for avid sailors who want to make the most of their time in the water.

There is a whole range of luxury and performance yachts available today. Before you complete booking a yacht rental, make sure it best fits with the activities you have in mind, whether you just want to moor at sea or face off with ocean waves and get your adrenaline fix. If you need the advice of experts, visit the website today and get in touch with the pros!


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Trendy window designs for 2017

The coming of the new year signals the start of new beginnings. Whatever happened in 2016 should be left behind as we face the challenges of 2017. With that in mind, it helps to recreate your surroundings to help bring a new perspective to your life, and one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to do that is by redecorating your windows.

Refresh your surroundings with one of these simple, affordable, and creative window design ideas for 2017.

Use vinyl windows

Decorating your windows with vinyl covers is one of the best ways to improve their look, without spending a pretty penny. Vinyl windows are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners because of their versatility and affordability. The variety of options available makes it easy for homeowners to find the option that fits best in their homes. Plus, they don’t come at a price that breaks the bank. So if you choose to do a redesign of your living room in the middle of the year, for example, you won’t have to worry about having to pair it with your windows, because you can easily redesign those as well.

More importantly, with sustainability gaining greater importance in homes, vinyl windows make an excellent option. Research has discovered that vinyl coverings can help in reducing heating and cooling costs during different times of the year. With vinyl decorations, you can easily soften the harsh rays of sunlight that penetrate your windows during the summer. In the winter, on the other hand, vinyl coverings can provide and additional layer of protection against the winter cold.

Natural window decorations

Driven by the growing interest in sustainability, one of the trends that is gaining traction this year is the use of natural window decorations. Using natural materials for home decoration gives your own space an authentic, relaxed, and unique look. Natural decorations mix and harmonise well with a wide array of interior decoration themes, which makes them easy to adopt. Furthermore, they lend your space privacy without feeling constrictive.

Natural woven shades made of matchstick and bamboo materials are popular choices, as they let in diffused natural light during the day, for a soft and relaxing indoor atmosphere. At the same time, they prevent those from the outside from being able to easily see inside your home.

Looking for decorative films for glass windows? Go to today!

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Simple Hacks that Make Carpet Cleaning Easier

Having a carpet at home is a luxury. There are few things in life that are more comforting than the sensation of a soft, downy carpet beneath your feet. However, maintaining a carpet is not an easy task. If you’ve ever had to deal with a spaghetti stain on your shirt, dealing with a stain on your carpet is very much the same – only much more difficult. In addition to stains, you also have to deal with the regular maintenance and cleaning of your carpet.

You can have home cleaning experts from a maid service in Dubai take care of your carpet cleaning needs. But if you’re a DIYer with a flair for learning on the fly, then here are a few simple hacks to help you with cleaning your carpet.

  1. Blot don’t grind

If you have a carpet at home, there will inevitably come a time when someone or something will stain it. Most often it’s spilled wine or tomato sauce, both of which are particularly problematic to wash off. One of the keys to cleaning away stains is to get to them while they’re still fresh. This allows you to work on the stain before it settles into material. Additionally, it is important to remember not to rub the stain but to softly blot it out of the carpet material. According to experts, rubbing causes the foreign particles to seep deeper into the fabrics, making the stain even more difficult to remove.

Instead of rubbing the stain, lightly dab it with a cleaning solution. You can use a small but clean towel, tissue paper, or a sponge. Blotting the stain instead of rubbing it will allow you to soak up the foreign particles. However, remember to always clean up from the outer ring of the stain inwards, as you risk spreading the foreign particles if you’re not careful.

  1. Vacuum regularly

If you want to keep your carpet in good condition for a long time, one of the things you should be regularly doing is vacuuming. Vacuuming allows you to prevent dust and gritty particles from building up on the fabric of the carpet. Ideally, you should be vacuuming once every week, at the very least. If you can do it more often, all the better. If you have a carpet that extends from wall to wall, organise your cleaning by dividing the carpet into sectors, and cleaning each sector one by one. If you have a plush carpet, be more judicious in your cleaning, ensuring that you pass over each section and remove deeply embedded dirt and dust before moving on to the next.

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