Commercial landscaping is becoming a trend in the corporate zone. Some companies who haven’t tried it are wondering ‘why do we need commercial landscaping?’ ‘Why do our competitors avail them?’ If your company is one of such, the four sentences below can answer these widely asked questions.


  1. It gives your brand an eco-friendly image.

Not all companies care for the environment. If your company takes part in caring for the environment through adding plants and flowers within the vicinity of your office/s, you would attract organizations, potential business partners and people who have the same advocacy. This also helps build a positive image on the company. Availing commercial landscaping services from a landscaping company in Dubai is the best way to start a corporate eco-friendly movement.


  1. It helps increase the productivity level of employees.

Several studies say that when people are exposed to plants and flowers, they work more efficiently. Commercial landscaping helps create a peaceful and healthy environment for employees. The natural elements also help reduce stress at work because they promote a light and positive setting. When employees are in good shape and good state of mind, there is a big chance that they would also satisfy clients.


  1. It makes your office or headquarters look more appealing.

A beautifully landscaped set of grass, plants, flowers, rocks and other natural pieces in or outside an office helps attract clients and even applicants (who are in search for jobs). Companies who have good landscapes can confidently tour people around their place. They often receive positive feedback from people inside and outside the corporation for having good taste in design. Some corporate headquarters even become tourist spots because of amazing landscapes.


  1. It helps increase the property’s market value.

This fact is ultimately beneficial for real estate businesses. Since they build and sell properties, they can opt for a higher sale value because of the good landscapes. Rental companies could also benefit on commercial landscaping by having high tenant retention rate. When tenants are comfortable on the place, they tend to stay longer. On the other hand, corporations that regularly avail landscaping maintenance services can sell the property for a good amount in the future in case they would like to move into a new office.

If these answers have convinced you to avail commercial landscaping services, visit the website of On Time Facilities Management company in Dubai. They can solve complicated landscape maintenance issues such as damaged gardens due to a severe climatic condition.