Life casting is a unique way of capturing and preserving precious life moments; it is the process of making 3D replicas of a part of a living human body. There are numerous techniques practiced by life casting companies. Below is a general and simplified outline of the entire life casting procedure:

Model Preparation – the life casting practitioner should make sure that the mold should not adhere to the body part of the model; he/she should apply petroleum jelly to the model’s skin. If the life cast includes the model’s face or head, it is advisable for the model to wear a swimming cap made of rubber. This will help in preventing the mold to adhere to the model’s hair.

Model Pose – the most common body parts for life casting for babies are their hands and feet. You cannot command a baby to make his/her desired pose so expect the baby’s pose to be generic. But the story is different for adults. An adult model should strike his/her desired stationary pose and remain in that position until the mold is removed from his/her body.

Application of the Mold – the materials used in molding should be safe for all ages. The mold material—which is usually a thick liquid—is applied to the model’s body. That material will replicate the shape of the body part of the model.

Curing and Reinforcement of the Mold – the mold material applied by the life casting practitioner should be cured so that its form would be more rigid and solid. In most cases, practitioners add more materials to further strengthen the mold.

Demolding – when the mold is cured and reinforced, the next step is its removal from the body of the model. This step should be done carefully.

Casting – at this point, the life casting practitioner paints or pours the casting material into the mold. In most cases, the casting material is made of liquid but there are some practitioners who prefer deformable solid materials.

Demolding of Cast – the life casting practitioner should wait patiently until the casting material acquire the mold’s shape and cure fully. The cast should be removed from the mold when it’s ready.

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