Half a century ago, breast augmentation with the use of silicone had been introduced as a generally safe procedure for the public. With all the news reporting about a number of failed or defective breast implants, the negative opinions of some individuals or sectors and moral issues thrown against this cosmetic procedure, breast enlargement has remained the most popular cosmetic procedure across the world.

Through the years, women primarily subjected themselves to the procedure for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons.  In some, breast augmentation Dubai was done for reconstructive purposes, particularly after undergoing mastectomy which is commonly done to address issues of breast cancer or malignant tumors.  To a minority, the procedure was performed on males or transsexuals who wanted to experience such female endowments.

The rising popularity of breast enhancement

Nowadays, women are willing to go through the surgical cosmetic procedure for a number of perceived benefits which would range from making themselves look younger and healthier to maintaining or boosting self-confidence, as well as, self-esteem. These days, breast implants are not only used to enlarge the breast size, a common reason for undergoing the procedure by younger women who either feel that their breasts are small or who desire to have a more voluptuous or curvaceous body.  Breast implants have also gained popularity amongst middle aged women who experience breast tissue loss with aging, resulting in sagging of the breasts.  In such a case, breast implants are used to improve the texture and firmness of their breast.

Going back to the first question, will breast augmentation soon become a thing of the past?  To date, over 10 million women worldwide are estimated to have undergone breast enlargement and the numbers just keep on growing. Moreover, the value and uses of breast augmentation in the expanding urbanized society is also strengthening. In a world filled with fashion and celebrity magazines, we have now come to a point wherein breast augmentation performed at an aesthetic clinic in Dubai is accepted as a woman’s choice within social norms.  A wide array of medical studies on breast implant (breast implants being the most studied medical device) also contributed to the population’s confidence. The popularity of breast implants which stemmed from cultural and gender perceptions would not also be that easy to change.  It would indeed really take some time and a cultural, as well as, gender revolution and transformation to impress on both men and women that a women’s breasts are not important to her femininity and beauty.